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Full control and overview for each customer

Efficient and accurate allocation of costs and time

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Why CleanPilot Tenant?

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Allocate costs to the correct department/customer


Complete overview of work performed for all customers

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Automated reports per customer


More efficient workflow


Accurate basis for decision-making when changes are needed

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Provide the customer access to their premises as a tenant/department in Value

Full overview and allocation of costs per customer or department

Now, with the help of CleanPilot Tenant, you can easily assign a customer or department as a tenant in your plans.

CleanPilot Tenant provides you with a visual overview of which rooms each tenant has, ad well as their share of common areas. You can also see how much time is planned for each customer's areas, and set up your own estimates for each of them.

Automated reports makes departmental overviews easier than ever, and with access to Value, each customer will have the best possible overview. They can then see all their premises, with activites and plans for their areas, while avoiding "noise" as activity in other premises is not visible to them.

When rooms are assigned to each department or customer, you can also perform INSTA checks only in their rooms as needed.

We invoice invoice the cleaning internally in retrospect at St. Olav, and by using Tenant for 10 months, we have significantly simplified this process through excellent reports that serve as ready-made invoicing basis. This provides an economic saving through saved time, and ensures accurate basis for all departments based on actual purchased cleaning services.
Merethe Striger, Section Leader, Department of Operations Services - Cleaning, St. Olav's


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